To Evvie, Love Evvie: A Letter to my Younger Self.

I avoided writing this journal entry for a long time because I knew that I would never be able to come up with the words to convey just how amazing my experience at Auburn was. In 8 days I will hear my name be called, walk across the stage and receive my diploma. I will officially be a graduate of Auburn University, and then my life will completely change. All of my amazing friends will move all over the country for their new jobs, and I will be going to law school. I will no longer live in Creekside with my four very best friends, where every day is like a sleepover. I will no longer spend my days driving around downtown Auburn unsuccessfully trying to find a parking spot. I will no longer get lost in Haley Center, or be a student in the student section of Jordan-Hare. Everything is changing and for a second, I would like the world to stand still so I can take it all in. So this entry is my way of pressing pause, taking a step back and taking one last deep breath, in order to remember the place that will always feel like home in my heart.

Dear Freshman Evvie,

Congratulations! You made it to Auburn University. Soon your dad will drive away, leaving you in a freezing cold dorm room known as Glenn Hall. It will feel like summer camp, but dad will not be coming back to pick you up in two weeks. Note to self: The room is freezing because the air is on, I know it looks like you can’t turn that big machine off, BUT YOU CAN! I’m sorry to let you know that you will not find a lasting friendship with your roommate, but at least you will learn patience. IMG_5331Also, if she ever tries to buy hard boiled eggs, just quietly throw them away and act like you don’t know what happened to them; they will rot, and your room will smell for weeks. You will be scared, you will miss home and Auburn is in NO WAY like high school; so don’t expect it to be. You will think about transferring, think about running away, think about skipping classes and not trying, but you will make it. You will learn to be strong even when you don’t want to be, you will learn to give every ounce of effort when it comes to studying and you will learn how to make it to your 8 a.m. even after you have gone to drink specials. You will be just fine.

Dear Sophomore Evvie,

Oh girly, get ready for a wild ride. You will move into your sorority dorm with your best friend and things will never be the same. This is the year you will make even more best friends and when you will truly feel at home at Auburn. During your sophomore year, always remember your worth. There will be times this year that you do not remember that, but please know that any self-doubt you feel is not true. Not that I want you to do anything differently, but here are a few pointers:IMG_5863
1. You will be worried about joining clubs and that you are not involved enough. It is okay! You do NOT need to join the Spring Up Leadership Club. You, Melissa and Kelsie will be the oldest ones in there and it will be weird.

2. If you are thinking about asking that kid to your extra special sorority formal, do it…it will be worth the story.

3. Don’t worry about the fact that you go out every week, and definitely, keep all of the pictures.

4. You know how they talked about the freshman 15? Well, there is also a thing called the sophomore seven, it is real, but it doesn’t matter. Just think of it as seven pounds worth of memories.

5. Get a key chain for your Tiger Card.

6. You will fight with your best friends, a lot. Forgive them always…because they will stand by your side no matter what. They will be the best people you will ever meet and nobody will be able to replace them.

7. Learn to rap as many Drake songs as possible.

8. Say yes to as many experiences as you can, this will be your favorite (and let’s be honest, most wild) year of college and you will never forget it


Dear Junior Evvie,

Thank you for settling down. This will be the year where you thrive as a student and a woman. This will be the year that you discover that feminism is your FAVORITE F-word. This will be the year that you find friends outside of your sorority, hold on to those friendships, those women will make you strive to be a better person every single day. This will be the year you will get a dog, he will be SUCH a pain, but you will love him with all of your heart. This will be the year that you become positive about what you want to do for the future. This will be an amazing year, so get ready.



Dear Senior Evvie,

Thank you for not regretting any of the choices you made in college. Some days might have been hard, and after about the 10th fight about intersectional feminism with a frat boy on the concourse, you will feel as if you have outgrown this sleepy southern town. But this place made you who you are. It made you have to fight for what you believed in, and you are smarter for it. It made you confident, intelligent, more compassionate and well rounded. This place is and always will be your home.


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