A Public Relations Plan for a Spring Break to Remember

Spring Break is one of those holidays that really encapsulates the college experience. Groups of friends road-tripping to questionable beaches and staying in condos belonging to unsuspecting elders that could kick you out at any minute…as Taylor Swift would say “its miserable and magical, oh yeah.” Over the years my friends and I have traveled all over the country, but ended up at those questionable beaches every single time.

Freshman year it was Destin, a quaint little beach town often overtaken by college students for weeks at a time. For some reason I convinced myself I liked Luke Bryan? Oh to be young and naive!


Sophomore year, came with a more low key trip to Vero Beach Trip. However, we still drove way to far to see sand and water! I’d also like to point our our outfits. Honestly, if giant fisher shirts are wrong, then I don’t want to be right!


Finally, Junior year we went a little wild and traveled 12 hours to South Padre Island in Texas. This “beach” has been described by many of my friends as “a modern day Chernobyl” or “purgatory”. Pictured below is me with two of my best friends. We may be smiling, but we were actually huddling together to shield ourself from a giant wind and sand storm that had overtaken the beach. I need to emphasize: this trip, while now a funny story, was NOT our best idea.


So here we are on our fourth and final Spring Break, and while I have some amazing memories and hilarious stories from trips in the past, I really want this trip to be the best of all time. My friends and I will be taking a seven-day cruise that stops in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize and Honduras. So, like any good public relations professional with a plan I will need to develop a goal, objectives and strategies and tactics to ensure our trip will be executed correctly.


To have the most enjoyable and relaxing Spring Break cruise possible with my best friends.

Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Objective 1: To relax

Strategies and Tactics for Objective 1: After a pretty challenging semester this is the objective I am most looking forward to fulfilling. My strategic plan to do so will include getting a massage on the ship as well as lazy days in the sun reading one of the books I will be bringing with me.

Objective 2: To go on an adventure

Strategies and Tactics for Objective 2: This objective will be easy to accomplish because my group has booked an exciting excursion! We will be snorkeling with sting rays in nurse sharks in Honduras. As a Florida native who grew up doing “the sting ray shuffle” I am a little nervous to be in the water with these creatures. However, I will embrace my inner mermaid and have the adventure I am dreaming of.


Objective 3: To enjoy the company of my friends

Strategies and Tactics for Objective 3: This is one of the most important objectives of the trip. I have made some amazing friends over the last four years and after all we have been through we deserve to have a great trip together. We will accomplish this objective by having dinner together, telling jokes and dancing the night away!

** I would also like to give a shout out to my friends if they happen to read this blog: I love you all, thank you for being my friends. Without you and our spring break memories, blogs like this wouldn’t be possible. **

After our trip I will assess our public relations plan by answering a few questions. Am I tan? Did I finish a book? Did I get bit by a shark or stung by a sting ray? How many fights did I get in with my roommates? Hopefully the answers to those questions are yes, yes, no, no and zero…but you never know, when it comes to my group of friends, anything is possible!

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